Saturday, October 10, 2009

My OhGeeJay

"Your friend is your needs answered ..."  Kahlil Gibran

DAY 1:   So ... I was having an e-mail "conversation" the other day on Facebook with one of my newest special friends, Susan, during which I expressed my gratitude for her CONSTANT support of my theatre projects and the projects of other mutual friends.  My e-mail clearly meant a great deal to her and it warmed my heart as well to know that I had made someone feel that way.

It struck me then that I don't always express thanks for all of the people and things that are clearly positive and good in my life.  In fact, I am more than often bemoaning what's "wrong" with my life when I don't take the time to appreciate the ABUNDANCE of things that are absolutely RIGHT.

So I've decided to follow the leads of my good friend, Susan, and another equally-positive and supportive special new friend, Judy, and start my own daily blog.  I'm calling it "My OhGeeJay," My OGJ - My Online Gratitude Journal.  I'm going to make a personal effort to post here daily and let the "universe" know what I'm grateful for ...

So, here it is, my DAY ONE of My OhGeeJay, and it seems only fitting that I dedicate this day of gratitude to two of my newest and dearest friends, Susan and Judy, who are the genesis of this project and whose support and love mean a great deal to me ...


  1. Proud of my Friend!

  2. The feeling is WAY mutual...
    Having started my daily blogging adventure 10 months ago, I must admit that sometimes it seems like a chore. But I also sometimes spend a few minutes looking over the archive of my life. It's a record of my blessings that I need to count some days.
    Enjoy the journey. It's a hug for yourself when those of us would otherwise hug you are out of arm's reach!