Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday in the Park

"You're my best girl, and nothing you do is wrong.
I'm proud you belong to me ...
And if a day is rough for me,
Having you there's enough for me."
Jerry Herman

DAY 16:  Life has slowed down enough to take a long-delayed trip back to the lovely Dogwood Park, a free-roaming, leash-free, 25-acre fenced dog park in Jacksonville.  Sometimes Annabelle is shy and nonsocial, today she was hyper-energetic and VERY social - it was a JOY to watch her run (and she can, like the WIND ... see the picture above :-) and play with the other dogs.  I'm so grateful to have a place like this to bring her on the weekend after a week of being "cooped up" in my 2-bedroom condo.  The trip was topped off with a physical "HELLO!" from a big, wet, muddy dog (not belonging to me) who decided that I was going to be his best friend ... YUCK!!

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  1. She looks like a greyhound in that shot! Sometimes there is incredible joy in the simplest things.