Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Best Gift

"You are one of the best teachers I have ever had.
You definitely influenced my decision
to pursue mechanical engineering.
There was one day that you split the class:
half went to another teacher and half stayed with you.
I guess I got really lucky that day :)"

DAY 29:  I got this message on Facebook today from a former student of mine.  There's NO greater gift than notes like these.  It makes what I do for a living completely worthwhile knowing that students who graduated years and years ago feel this way about me and the effect they say I've had on their life.  What more can I say ... if you're a teacher, you know EXACTLY what I mean.


  1. Michael, you are truly blessed. Not just because you have former students that express their gratitude to you, but also because you have a gift that warrants such appreciation. <3

  2. I know what you mean... and I'm not surprised. I see it in the way you direct too, setting your expectations and helping each to reach their potential.