Monday, November 2, 2009

Music That Makes Me Dance

"If I sing, you are the music ..."  Richard Maltby, Jr.

DAY 24:  There was nothing terribly difficult instructionally about this day.  Perhaps it was rolling the clocks back last night, or simply that it was a Monday, but the kids just aggravated me today and most of the time they were quietly taking a test!  More often than not lately, I've been driving home from work in silence, but today I plugged in the iPhone and listened to some more of the new Liz Callaway CD that Susan copied for me. 

It should come as no great surprise that singing along at the top of my lungs with the showtunes on the album as I drove home COMPLETELY eliminated any aggravation or grumpiness that resulted from my day.  Was it the fact that they were showtunes (and some good ones, too ... I'm Not That Girl, Patterns, Memory, Children Will Listen, Being Alive)?  Or could it be that it was just singing in my best "driver's-seat-let-it-all-out" voice that made everything OK again?  It was probably both of things, combined with the fact that it's just MUSIC, and music is one of the primary things that brings me joy in life.  I'm grateful for all of it ... the showtunes, singing, and the MUSIC that makes me "dance."

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