Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sitting Pretty

"But I've got some talents
which build up my balance ..."
Fred Ebb

DAY 34:  I recently got my latest retirement forecast which lists my annual salaries for the past 25 years in the school system.  It's amazing to see that I only made $18K my first year of teaching in 1984.  Now, after all that time, I feel like I'm finally making the kind of money that allows me to live more than just paycheck to paycheck.  Fortunately, it's enhanced by National Board and other supplements, and an occasional theatre directing job here and there. 

I'm VERY grateful to be essentially debt-free except for my mortgage.  It's taken a LONG time to pay off some hefty credit card debt, and it's a wonderful feeling to be "comfortable," especially at a time when so many people are having such a difficult time making ends meet.  Just this past weekend, I was able to run out and "pick up" a new Blu-Ray player and a 32" LCD flat screen for my office, knowing that the 18-month interest-free charge would be paid off easily in the next few months.  With my annual spring New York City trip and a trip to Ireland next summer, it's good to know I won't be putting myself in the poorhouse to afford the trips!!


  1. Mr. Lipp:

    A little gratitude never hurt anybody and the fact that you are consciously considering the positive has got to be a real charge - bad pun. If nothing else, my blog causes me to write regularly whether or not I'm being paid to do it. I'm thinking that one day, when "they" ask me about my professional writing, I can point to my "online presence," which is what "they" say authors should have nowadays.

    As for me, I just love to write and share it with others. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I'm a "follower!" On my FB page, I've been posting one thing a day I'm thankful for.

    BTW, I love the photos you post. That's my next challenge. Learning to add a little pizzaz.

  2. Bro,

    I wish more people lived more sensibly and within their means. As you already, and I learned in the past, the constant pressure of overwhelming debt can effect ever aspect of your life - both mentally and physically. I am very thankful I married someone who helped me learn the difference between frugal and cheap. Our life is a simple one compared to most, but full of joy and peace.


    PS - We are currently saving to hopefully buy some more land; got to make the "farm" a little bigger!