Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stop the Press!

"Jelly beans, not medicine.
If I could only read, my son,
he wouldn't need an elegy.
Stupid beans, not medicine.
Oh God, here in this jar,
I can't read what these are.
Damn jelly beans!"
Scott Brown and Anthony King

DAY 39:  After a particularly stressful day, I came home to a wonderful delivery ... my copy of the cast recording of Gutenberg! The Musical!  A few years ago, Carole and I had the surprising pleasure of seeing this HYSTERICALLY funny Off-Broadway musical that deservedly won most of the Off-Broadway awards in 2007.  It remains probably the funniest and most clever show I have EVER seen.  I've ordered the script, too, and it's on its way ... it's a show I would LOVE to direct and/or perform.

The musical, as told to the audience by its two "creators," Bud and Doug, tells the story of Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press.  In the town of Schlimmer, where no one can read, the wine-maker Gutenberg discovers that no one can read because there's NOTHING TO READ in the tiny German little town.  Add Helvetica (get it?), his assistant "with blonde hair and beautiful breasts" who is also in love with Gutenberg, singing rats, an antisemitic flowergirl, the evil Monk, the moronic Young Monk, and well ... you just have to see it and hear it to believe it.  The songs are wonderful, catchy, and have gut-bustingly funny lyrics.

Oh, and did I mention that the two "creators" play EVERY character in the town?  The set is a couple of large cardboard boxes.  A single piano is the orchestra and the costuming is merely baseball caps with the names of the characters on the front, exchanged often with lightning speed.

I'm so grateful to have this recording ... I'll be listening to it A LOT!!  Keep your eyes open, I'm gonna push HARD to have this musical produced locally!

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  1. Hi there - just saw your post and thought you might be interested in our website - Gutenbergstravels.com. We're also huge fans of the show and travel the country seeing its regional productions. This website is devoted to that and all things Gutenberg-related. Hope to see you directing and/or starring in a production soon!