Monday, November 23, 2009

Tap Your Troubles Away

"Tap your troubles away ...
You've bounced a big check.
Your mom has the vapors.
Tap your troubles away ...
Your car had a wreck.
They're serving you papers.

When you're the one that it always rains on
Simply try putting your Mary Janes on.
Your boss just gave you the axe.
There's years of back tax you simply can't pay
When a sky full of crap always lands in your lap,
Make a curtsey and tap your troubles away.

Tap your troubles away ...
You're sued for divorce.
Your brother gets locked up.
Tap your troubles away ...
You're fat as a horse,
And find that you're knocked up.

When you need something to turn your mind off,
Why not try tapping your poor behind off?
Your boat goes over the falls.
The plane you're on stalls,
The pilot yells "Pray!"
When your parachute strap is beginning to snap,
Smile a big smile
And tap, tap, tap your troubles away.

When the wolf's at the door,
There's a bluebird in store ...
If you glide cross the floor
Till your ankles get sore.
Just tap your troubles away!"
Jerry Herman

DAY 45:  My good friend, Janet, has started a weekly tap dancing class for the teachers and staff at the school and, boy, am I grateful!  I had forgotten how much I LOVED tap dancing and it's been such a long time since I put on those shoes.  I had a great time and it's terrific that this non-dancer can actually have a right foot to replace that second left foot I usually have!  Not to mention that it's wonderful exercise ... maybe I should go back and take some studio lessons ... hmmmm ...

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