Sunday, November 29, 2009

To the Top of the Morning

"And they move in a herd like a four-letter word, and they're off."
William Finn

DAY 51:  Not sure how to phrase this one as something to be grateful for, but here goes.  I've made a decision over that past few days - my weight has crept back up (though certainly NOT to where it was a year or two ago) and I'm not happy with it.  SO ... now that the weather's cooled off a bit AND I have LOADS and LOADS of free time, I'm going to try my hand at running.  A LOT of my friends do it, and I've done a little bit on the treadmill here and there - I know it's possible.  I guess I'm grateful that once I make a plan I USUALLY stick with it ... I can be extremely stubborn, and sometimes that's a very good thing.  AND I'll be grateful WHEN (not "if") I get to the point when I can run for miles and maybe even get into a race or two :-)  I've also found that when I walk or run, I do a bunch of thinking about my life and my writing or theatre projects.  It's GREAT meditation and creative thought time.

I bought a new pair of sneakers/running shoes today for the occasion and I KNOW I have to start slow ... I'm going to start tonight with alternating 1/4 mile walk - 1/4 mile jog combinations and each week add about 1/4 mile or so to the jogging part.  Slow and steady so they say ... wish me luck and, who knows, by 2010, you may see me in a local 5K!!


  1. Bring it! If we can do it.... Interested in walk/shuffling a 1/2 marathon with us???

  2. Y'all are such inspirations!

  3. Running - very cool! I have been toying with the idea of hitting the trails again. Although my Aikido has kept me in pretty good shape, I have lost some of my cardio capacity. My cardio workout consists of walking Manto a couple of miles three or four times a week.

    Take it from a long time road pounder; once you start off slow and build a good base, get off the road everyone once and a while - it puts a whole new perspective on things.


    PS - How about a little walk/jog at Hanna Park when I come visit for Christmas.