Monday, November 16, 2009

We Are the Music-Makers

"My heart will be blessed with the sound of music,
and I'll sing once more."
Richard Rodgers

DAY 38:  During a particularly dreadful time of my life nearly ten years ago, two friends suggested that I join the Orange Park Chorale.  I had performed for most of my high school and college years in singing ensembles and always found tremendous joy in choral singing.  I've never considered myself much of a soloist, so singing in a large group suits me just fine.  I auditioned for the group and joined ... ten years later, I'm still a proud member of the Orange Park Chorale and I'm grateful for what this group has given me.

I'm about to close out yet another season with the group singing in concerts on Friday and Saturday.  Tonight, in fact, was the last rehearsal for the season.  I won't be able to sing with them in the Spring due to my directing gig at Theatre Jacksonville, but will be popping in to stage a Gilbert and Sullivan piece they will be performing in concert.  Then I'll be back joining my voice with the group again next fall.

Besides the music, the group has given me something much more important and special - a wonderful group of friends who feel like family to me.  Rehearsal with the OPC is such a comfortable place to be ... I'm never afraid to be myself, joke around, and just have fun while singing some great music.  What I'm most grateful for is that, in joining the OPC, I found one of my best friends, Carole, who was then directing the group.  Carole and I had known each other for years only casually through theatre circles, but we have become very close, even taking an annual Spring trip to New York City together to see LOTS of shows!  But, I suspect I'll be posting more in this blog about Carole and other friends at a later date ...

For now, OPC ... thank you for the friendship and the precious gift of music ...


  1. It is a joy to work with such lovely people, who also happen to be great musicians- and good cooks!