Saturday, November 7, 2009

When I Think of Home

"When I think of home, I think of a place
where there's love overflowing ..."
Charlie Smalls

DAY 28:  (Missed my post yesterday, so there's TWO today!)  I'm not a social animal.  I'm extraordinarily private and rather introverted and it takes quite some time for me to be comfortable around new people.  I could probably count the number of people who know "the real me" on one hand.  I don't particularly like to party and don't go to clubs or bars.  I dread the thought of being in a social setting surrounded by people I don't know.  So ... the theatre makes up a VERY large portion of my social life, and it's a place where I always feel happy, safe, and content.  It's my other "home." 

I went to the opening of the new show at Theatre Jacksonville last night, and because my friend Marcia was sick, I went on my own.  Normally I don't like going to places by myself, though I have gotten used to seeing a movie solo.  I still can't do a table service restaurant by myself, though.  But I'm getting off the subject ...

I feel totally at home in the theatre, especially at Theatre Jacksonville.  It is a building filled with memories, very dear friends, and total strangers who know me by name.  It's a wonderful feeling walking into the Little Theatre in San Marco, and I'm forever grateful for having this second "home."

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