Monday, December 14, 2009

The Games I Play

"We've got to think about the game,
The game, the game!"
Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

DAY 66:  OK, so it should come as no great surprise that I'm a nerd.  A gadget-lovin', computer-addicted, math and science learnin', scifi-spoutin' geek.  It follows, therefore, that I'm also a fan of videogames, and I'm grateful for some of the great times that I've had playing them since my family's very first TV-set version of Pong.  I suppose I enjoy videogames for some of the same reasons that I enjoy acting (which is a subject for a later blog, I suppose) ... it's an opportunity to become someone else for a little while and escape what sometimes seems like a rather ordinary existence.  I can immerse myself in a fantastic world where anything is possible and where I'm the HERO who can save the day.
A few nights ago, I bought my second "console system" ... for those not "in the know," that's a new "brand" of videogame machine.  I'm now a proud owner of a Wii system (made by Nintendo) to go along with my PlayStation 3 (made by Sony).  In addition to my desktop computer, that makes three places to go for a quick jaunt (or, as is often the case, a late-night-into-early-morning journey) as any number of different characters - a curvaceous Tomb Raider named Lara, a Lego C3PO using a Lego control panel on a Lego spaceship, a survivor of an airplane crash caught in a nightmarish and deserted underwater city filled with zombies and evil robots, a crazy little guy named Mario collecting coins and powerups, Darth Vader blasting away Wookies with a killer "force push," a whimsical little purple dragon named Spyro, or any one of a whole world of heros and villains in the HUGE online world of Azeroth (yet another topic for a later blog).
Sue me ... I love 'em.

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