Friday, December 25, 2009

Half Full

"I'd rather have fifty percent of vacation,
Or any percent of vacation,
Than all of anything else at all."
with apologies to Alan and Marilyn Bergman

DAY 77:  So ... nine days of vacation down, nine to go.  And ... since this blog is dedicated to gratitude and positivity, I will choose to look at this glass as being half FULL.  Meaning - there's STILL HALF OF THE VACATION LEFT!  It's been a really wonderful break so far - my social calendar has been very busy with LOTS of "happenings" to attend and tons of time with family and friends.  It's taken my mind almost completely off being single for yet ANOTHER holiday ... something which typically gets me more than a little down.  Plans for the rest of the break?  A little more reading, a little more writing, a lot more exercise, a BUNCH more movies, and hopefully ... a lot LESS eating!  ;-)  Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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