Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lush Life

"I feel like I'm not out of bed yet.
Oh, the sun is warm,
But my blanket's warmer."
Betty Comden and Adolph Green

DAY 69:  Ah, a life of leisure ... it was a lovely relaxed first day of vacation.  I am now quickly back into my "vacation sleep schedule" ... to bed early in the morning (usually about 2 a.m.) and sleep until LATE morning (translated, ALMOST afternoon).  Today, I stayed in bed OBSCENELY late and didn't shower or get out of my bed clothes until about 3 p.m. or so.  The weather, almost right on cue, has turned decidedly seasonal, if a little gray and dreary (were I still in Connecticut and the temperature were 30 degrees cooler, I'd say it looked like snow).  Since I was heading out at 6 p.m. to meet friends for dinner and some entertainment, I didn't do a heck of a lot.  Watched my new Harry Potter Blu-Ray, played some video games, drank a lovely cup of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa (a gift from a fellow teacher :-), and just LOUNGED.  I could SO get used to this, but admit that I tire of this "lush life" quickly.  My brother and my buddy, Martin, will be in town soon and I've got a list of about ten movies to see over the next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow night, I'm going to see an original musical and Saturday night is a Math Department Christmas party.  So ... off to play a little World of Warcraft, then bed ... ahhhhhh.

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  1. I enjoyed my first day off too...I did a whole lot of NOTHING!!! Isn't it great??? :)