Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's Called Sunshine

"Hold on,
Hold on to someone standing by.
Hold on.
Don't even ask how long or why!
Child, hold on to what you know is true,
Hold on 'til you get through.
Child, oh child!
Hold on!"
Marsha Norman

DAY 61: I spent this evening with a dear friend of mine as she started to move into the new condo she just purchased.  A number of days ago, I wrote a post in this blog about the friends I have who used to be students.  Staci was a student of mine ALL FOUR YEARS of  her high school career, if you can believe it.  Now I count her among the four or five people in my life who truly "get me" ... and that's kind of a hard thing to do.  I know I'm pretty inaccessible to most people and it's something I try to work on, and I don't often let people "in." 

Staci is one of those who's gotten to me ... I absolutely don't think of her as a past student of mine, and she's ABSOLUTELY one of those people I will call in a heartbeat when I need advice on a personal matter or a good reality-check kick in the pants.  We have a number of things in common, as well ... we're both a bit unlucky in love and have both had (I hope she won't have trouble with my saying this) battles with weight.  One of the most significant things we say to each other is ... "That's the fat Michael/Staci talking."

On top of all that, she's one of the most hard-working and HONEST performers I know.  I've directed her a number of times (including her remarkable turn as Martha in The Secret Garden, pictured above), I've shared the stage with her, and I just LOVE working with her.  She's immensely talented, insightful, innovative, thoughtful, extraordinarily focused, and generous on stage.  And, not too long ago, I had the pleasure to be directed BY her ... which was an equally wonderful experience!

So, Staci is the first of my friends who's getting her very own post in My OhGeeJay ... with many other friends to follow.  I have lots of TERRIFIC people in my life and each one of them deserves a full post of gratitude ...