Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eye Rollers

"When I look in your eyes,
I see the wisdom of the world in your eyes ..."
Leslie Bricusse

DAY 111:  Under normal circumstances, a kid rolling his eyes, or saying "whatever" or "never mind," would be enough for me to be a not-so-very happy camper and the student would KNOW it rather quickly.  But there's one condition in which rolling eyes is not only perfectly acceptable, but I'm GRATEFUL for it!

I was reviewing for a test in Pre-Calculus today ... bear in mind, this is a unit we have been covering since we returned from Winter Break - that's nearly FOUR FULL WEEKS!  I had children looking at me this afternoon as if they had NEVER SEEN the math I was reviewing and the dumbfounded looks were enough to send me into orbit.  What in the bloody heck have I been TEACHING for nearly a month?

Anyway ... thank GOODNESS for the select five or so students in the class who caught my eye with a knowing glance and a roll of their eyes as if to say, "Mr. Lipp, of COURSE we get it, and we SO feel your pain ..."


  1. I think I need a mirror in my classroom. That way when I'm talking to myself I can see my audience.

  2. Bahahahahahaha! I LOVE JSG's comment! LMAO!