Sunday, January 24, 2010

Racing With the Clock

"And the second hand doesn't understand
That your back may break and your fingers ache
And your constitution isn't made of rock ..."
Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

DAY 107:  I woke up obscenely late yesterday and got out of bed even later.  I'm too embarrassed to admit how late that actually was ... let's just say it was REALLY late.  I'm grateful to report, though, that yesterday was one my most productive days ever.  When I get in "that mood," there's very little that can stop me.  I've been slowly realizing that my three months of theatre-free leisure are now over, so I'm going to have to make the best of whatever "free" time I can find.  Rehearsals start tomorrow!

Let's see ... the day started with completing the ground plans for my show, then I ran to get them copied for the cast and crew, stopping at Target for birthday cards (a LOT of folks with birthdays this week, including my Mom), picking up prescriptions, and then getting my week's worth of groceries.  While I finished up two big loads of laundry, I sat down and wrote out a quiz for my Algebra II classes and a test for my Pre-Calculus kids (in all fairness, I used a software quiz generator and a test from a previous year, but I had to alter them a bit).  I finally sat down to eat some dinner while watching the re-aired pilot of Caprica on SciFi, which prompted me to write yesterday's blog post.  The final project of the day was the rehearsal schedule for Our Leading Lady.  Fortunately this cast is rather small (only nine), so it wasn't as difficult as a schedule for a musical with a cast of 15-20 and up.  But there were conflicts galore, with at least one person unavailable almost every night.  I made it work, though, and finished it late last night.  My last task for the evening at about 1:30 a.m. was to e-mail off the schedule to the cast and crew.  Oh ... and did I mention the poor neglected puppy who had to be walked every few hours?

Whew!  It makes me tired even writing it all down.  But it leaves me a little time today to put on the brakes and relax for a bit - maybe watch a movie, play a computer game, take a walk/run, perhaps even read a book.  Of course, that's AFTER I vacuum and do the blocking that needs to be done for Tuesday and Wednesday.

By the way, I actually toyed with the idea of running the vacuum across the floor at 2 a.m. this morning so I wouldn't have to do that today, either ... I came to my senses ...


  1. It's a shame that the knuckle-draggers above you aren't actually below you. Then the vacuum at 2am is not so bad an idea!

  2. She doesn't sound neglected at all! You are the master of balancing the many Michaels.