Monday, January 25, 2010

Reading Through

"I think I can play this part,
Though no one's ever got it right before.
I've a new interpretation,
And a lot of motivation,
And I seem to know the lines by heart.
I'm sure I can play this part."
David Zippel

DAY 108:  "The read-through, or 'table-read,' is a stage of theatre production when an organized reading around a table of the script by the actors with speaking parts is conducted" ... courtesy of Wikipedia.  It's an exciting first rehearsal - a meeting with introductions, people that you know and new faces of friends yet to be.  It's also the first time to hear the script that you've read so many times finally spoken aloud and brought to life.  I'm grateful for a GREAT read-through, a well-written script, and a terrific cast of actors.  Tomorrow night, the work begins!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this terrific show at TJ!