Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sleepy Man

"You're all done with the run of the race ... for today.
You've got plenty of running to face
Come tomorrow.
I'm right here, always near -
Always lovin' my dear, sleepy man ..."
Alfred Uhry

DAY 90: The facts are these ... 1. my upstairs neighbors clearly love football; 2. I don't watch, understand the fanaticism for, or even like football; 3. my condo is in an apartment conversion with dreadful sound-proofing; 4. "Bowl Week."  You can see where this is heading.  A couple of nights ago was the "Orange Bowl" ... I don't know where it's played, what teams were involved, why it's important, or why it's still on at 11:30 p.m. at night on a TUESDAY.  Needless to say, Tuesday night was a night of noise, frustration, and very little sleep.

HOWEVER ... I'm grateful that LAST night was a BLISSFULLY quiet night with a full eight hours of sleep.  I've heard you're not supposed to be able to "catch up" on sleep, but BOY, did it feel good after listening to the tribal commotion over my head the night before.  And it did WONDERS for my day ... I was on FIRE - energetic, positive, enthusiastic, and successful (especially with my feared day two of Unit Circle trig lessons).

Tonight is some big championship game for college football ... I'm worried that it's going to be another one of "those" nights, but I think the game starts in a couple of hours and I've heard almost NO noise coming from above.  I HOPE and pray that the chest-thumping natives are meeting somewhere else this evening.

Oh, and ... THREE MONTHS of Gratitude Journal blogging today!


  1. AND ... there's a cat in your pic! <3

  2. How did THAT get in there?? ;-)

  3. Earplugs? I have them for hotels/travel. There is some thinking in the game, you know. Statistics, probabilities, deductive reasoning. Though, for the life of me, I don't get why people cheer for college teams that aren't their alma maters. Strange!

  4. Congrats on your 1/4 mark.

    Sorry to hear about the neanderthals upstairs. Hopefully they'll hibernate once bowl season is over.