Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You Very Much

"And if I had a drum I'd have to bang it!
To add a sort of rumty-tumty touch.
But since I left my drum at home,
I'll simply have to say
Thank you very, very, very much!
Thank you very, very, very much!"
Leslie Bricusse

DAY 112:  One of the greatest things about Facebook is keeping in touch with my past students, particularly those who are currently in college.  Almost weekly, I'll get a wall post or a personal message from a student thanking me for being his or her teacher.  Today, I got this message from a recent graduate:

"Thank you for teaching me calculus. I see people make mistakes in class all the time and can't help but thinking "that was basic algebra!!!" (or precalc or whatever.) nonetheless, i'm sure i'll have an A because everything is really easy. Thanks again!!!"

It's especially gratifying to get a message like this from a past AP student who, although she might not have passed the AP exam, she got enough from the class to make that college course MUCH easier.

I'm grateful for these messages that provide frequent confirmation that what I'm doing for a living is important and has had a profound impact on literally thousands of lives.

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