Friday, January 8, 2010

Turn Turn Turn

"I never has seen snow.
All the same I know
Nothing will ever be,
Nothing can ever be,
Beautiful as my love is - 
Like my love is to me .
Harold Arlen and Truman Capote

DAY 91:  Forecast for tonight ... "Colder.  Partly cloudy. Small chance of FLURRIES late in the night.  Lows in the mid-20's."  It's been almost exactly 20 years since there was an appreciable snowfall in Jacksonville, Florida ... we had a few inches, if I recall, and it brought this city to a STANDSTILL.  I had only lived here for about five years at that time and this Yankee from New England found the crippling of the city by such a small accumulation more than just a little amusing.  Sadly, IF there are flurries tonight, it's forecast to be only a slight dusting, and I suspect it will probably happen while I'm asleep.

While thinking about the possible snowfall, it struck me that many of my students (all of whom were born in the early 90's) have probably NEVER experienced a snowfall of any kind if they've never been out of the South.  I am SO grateful that I was raised in an area of the county that displayed the BEAUTY of changing seasons.  There's nothing quite so astonishingly beautiful as the vivid display of red and gold leaves on autumn trees or a blanket of pristine, new-fallen snow.  Mind you, I don't miss some of the headaches that come with the change of seasons - raking all those autumn leaves, not to mention shovelling or driving in that snow - BUT, there are times when I really do miss it ...

... not to mention that snow (if you're dressed for it) and big piles of leaves can be a LOT of fun to play in!!

And that sure looks like a "snow sky" outside!


  1. I miss the changing seasons, too. Just the change, though... not the whole season.

  2. It's a shame you don't miss raking leaves ... I have a backyard FULL of them. :-)