Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free Again

"Free again, independent me, free again ... 
Time to call up all the crowd,
Raise the roof and shout out loud,
Time to have a party, a party!"
Robert Colby

DAY 135:  I received my tax return of over $3600 a couple of days ago ... and my credit card balance now reads NEGATIVE $4.63!  It's wonderful to have all my debt paid off, particularly when I still have thousands of dollars from theatre directing jobs and a National Board bonus yet to come this year.  I'll have ready spending cash for my New York City trip in April (airline and show tickets already paid for) and I might even be able to pay off my monthly Home Owner's Association dues for the rest of 2010 early.  Of course, there's also my planned summer trip to Ireland and I'm thinkin' this may be the year for a new computer ... hmmmm ...

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