Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Favorite Thing

"But tell me how can I sleep,
Tell me who could,
When you see your whole life tangled up good?
I could drink, I could weep,
But tell me how can I sleep?
Go to sleep! Go to sleep!"
Alan Jay Lerner

DAY 131:  My favorite thing?  SLEEPING!  I have many friends that have trouble sleeping.  I'm grateful to report that I've NEVER been one of those people.  I can sleep pretty much anytime anywhere.  There's nothing like crawlin' into bed, hunkerin' down under the covers, and turnin' off the busy day.  Ahhhhh ...


  1. Me, too. I hit the pillow... and ... GONE.

  2. Me too ... must be genetic. Although the paternal genes have some flaws, the ability to sleep soundly makes up for a lot of other not so positive points.


    PS - Remember me pulling the covers off you at noon on Saturdays when Mom had decide you had slept long enough? Ahhh ... fond memories!