Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Jerry Springer Moment

"(expletive deleted)"
Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas

DAY 132:  One my newest cast recordings is Jerry Springer the Opera - yup, you didn't misread that.  It was a HUGE hit in Europe and I'm not sure if it's ever been staged in America.  Wildly offensive (there are virtually no lyrics I thought would be appropriate to post here), but also astoundingly funny, it is a three-act opera about Jerry Springer and his television show. 

The first act is a Jerry Springer taping, complete with transvestites, fetishists, pole dancers, dueling foursomes, and Jerry's own "inner Valkyrie."  The segments are interspersed with equally ribald "adverts."  At the end of the first act, Jerry is accidentally shot by a member of the KKK.  The second and third act concern Jerry's trip through Purgatory and Hell, where he is forced to "tape" a show (in order to save his soul) and mediate the dispute between Satan and Jesus, with a panoply of guests including God, Adam, Eve, Mary, and the Archangels Gabriel and Michael.  It is certainly NOT for the easily offended or faint-of-heart!!

I am always grateful for theatre (and particularly musical theatre) that challenges audiences and pushes boundaries ... this one not only pushes them, but knocks them down and stamps all over them.  What GREAT fun!

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