Monday, February 1, 2010

New Music

"Just like that tune,
Simple and clear,
I've come to hear
New music ...
Breaking my heart,
Op'ning a door,
Changing the world -
New music!
I'll hear it forevermore!"
Lynn Ahrens
DAY 115: Every few months when I have some "spare change" after exhausting my paycheck on bills, I try to make a VERY small dent in my very lengthy Wish Lists on  I'll pick up a CD or a DVD or a book that I've been wanting, but not necessarily dying, to own.  With this past check, I discovered I was WAY ahead of my bill paying and had quite a nice chunk of change that I was able to spend on some fun stuff.  So ... I decided to really treat myself - I ordered SIXTEEN new CDs and they started arriving TODAY (and will continue to arrive over the next couple of days).

They're mostly showtunes, of course.  A number of them are CDs to replace a LARGE collection of LPs and a few cassette tapes that I still own ... the original cast of Snoopy!!! (starring the inimitable Pam Myers, who I had the honor of sharing the stage with almost exactly one year ago in a concert version of Hello, Dolly!), the film soundtracks of Thoroughly Modern Millie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a musical version of Wuthering Heights.  Some of them are recent revivals - like South Pacific, Hair, and Finian's Rainbow - along with some other newer productions like Young Frankenstein and the stage version of The Little Mermaid.  But the REALLY exciting ones are the cast recordings of relatively "obscure" and Off-Broadway productions - Jerry Springer the Opera (yes, you read that right), Blackbeard (aye, matey ... about the pirate), Miss Gulch Returns (a one-man show about the famous Wizard of Oz character), Repo! the Genetic Opera (a sci-fi rock opera that claims to be a cross between Rocky Horror and Blade Runner),  Five Course Love (five different love stories told in five very different restaurants), Glory Days (about four high school friends reuniting a year after graduation), and Rooms: A Rock Romance (about the relationship between a songwriter and a reclusive rock star in the punk rock world of the 1970's).

I've got a LOT of new music to listen to over the next week or so and it's gonna be FUN!!  I'm definitely grateful for having a little spending money to add some old favorites to my collection and hopefully find some new favorites along the way, too! 

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  1. I love the original cast recording of "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" with Bill Hutton and Laurie Beechman. I still play the whole thing for my sixth grade each year. They read along with the libretto, mesmerized at being told a story through music alone. Then... I venture into opera.