Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Night's Alright

"The moon's like a million-watt electric sign
It shines up the city as it climbs.
And I've gotta spend another Saturday night
At home with the Sunday Times!"
Stephen Sondheim

DAY 127:  I'm grateful for Saturdays ... it's the first day you get to sleep in on the weekend, particularly wonderful when you've had a week like I've had this past week.  I'm typically really productive on Saturdays - groceries, laundry, errands, school work, theatre stuff - but today I was obscenely lazy and it was terrific.  I did have a meeting at the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre about the musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee that I'll be directing later this summer, stopped by to see my Mom, and got some groceries for the week.  Other than that, though, I sat around the house (something I haven't been able to do all week) and caught up on my full DVR's worth of TV shows taped from this week - Biggest Loser, Project Runway, Millionaire Matchmaker, 24, Smallville.  The other great thing about Saturdays is that the weekend is only half over ... and this weekend boasts an EXTRA day of relaxation on Monday!!  Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with my friend Aaron, a date she and I planned to talk about the possibility of collaborating on writing a musical!  Then, later in the day, I'm meeting Marcia for dinner and the movie A Single Man.  Great times with some of my favorite people ...

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