Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow Down

"You gotta slow down,
Slow down, sweet talkin' woman,
You got me runnin',
Run run,
You got me searchin' ..."
Electric Light Orchestra

DAY 136:  I'm grateful that my job affords me the opportunity to STOP and take a day if I need it, and BOY, do I need it.  I'm feeling a little like the "Energeezer Bunny" above ... I remember the days that I could do show after show after show and "keep on goin'."  Those days are sadly gone and the old bod gives me very clear signals when it's time to SLOW DOWN.

It was a very busy weekend with very little time to do those things that I had planned to do for ME (seeing a play, going to a movie or two, doing some writing), and with the show opening in less than two weeks, it's going to get worse before it gets better.  I did get the chance to take an hour-long walk last night and it felt really good to grab some time for myself for a change.  SO ... I'm taking the FULL day today before I make myself sick.  Time to relax, take a walk, sit back a bit, and maybe do a few things that I've wanted to do (along with only a FEW errands) that I haven't been able to do and won't have time to do for the next couple of weeks.

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