Friday, February 19, 2010

The Story Goes On

"I want to return to my beautiful dream of the theatre.
I want to remain always in the dressing room or the wings
or above all, the stage; the stage,
where for a few hours life is as we wish it were
and not unfortunately as it is."
Charles Busch

DAY 133:  My eleventh production at Theatre Jacksonville, Our Leading Lady, opens two weeks from tonight, and I'm pleased to report that the show is in TERRIFIC shape!  I am particularly grateful because tonight marks the beginning of two weeks of rehearsal with the FULL cast running the show IN ORDER. 

Until now, we have been rehearsing in "French scenes," small rehearsal segments defined by the entrances and exits of characters.  The cast seemed thrilled tonight to be able to see "the whole show," since many of them have only seen the scenes in which they are involved.  We begin "tech-ing" the show (adding lights and sounds) the middle of next week and add some wonderful costumes the week leading up to Opening Night.

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