Monday, February 8, 2010

A Super Sunday

"Couldn't spell a lick,
Couldn't do arithmetic;
One and one made three,
Thought that dog was 'C-A-T,'
But I could pass that football
Like nothin' you have ever seen."
Betty Comden and Adolph Green

DAY 122: I'm afraid I make no secret about my disdain for football in all its various forms - college, professional, you name it.  I frankly find the fanaticism and bad behavior associated with it incredibly silly.  But this is a POSITIVE blog, so why am I calling yesterday's Super Bowl Sunday "A Super Sunday"?  My neighbors who live directly above me ARE football fans ... rather loud, obnoxious, twenty-somethings who occasionally make football evenings very unpleasant for me in the unit below them.  Although they seem to enjoy college football than professional, I worried most of the day yesterday that I wouldn't have a quiet evening once I got home from my errands for the day.  I couldn't be more grateful that there was SILENCE from above duing the game last night and I had an amazingly peaceful evening followed by a good night's sleep.

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