Friday, February 12, 2010

Warm All Over

"Warm all over -
Every time you smile, you get me warm all over.
Sometimes I feel kind of out in the cold.
But when I touch your hand and I'm home,
Home again, and warm all over ..."
Frank Loesser

DAY 126:  It's an ugly, wet, cold day in Jacksonville, Florida ... the forecast is for rain ALL day and temperatures no higher than the low 40's.  Going out into the "yuck" this morning was far from enjoyable.  I like the cold, but I'm not really fond of cold combined with WET.  So, I'm grateful that our PTA at school is throwing a Soup Luncheon for the teachers today!  I'm not a huge soup fan, but it's going to go down awfully nice on a day like today.  It's actually in honor of Valentine's Day, but could they have POSSIBLY picked a BETTER day for it?

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