Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Bravo, bravo, bravissimo,
Bravo, bravissimo!"
Marshall Barer

DAY 156:  Wonderful messages about Our Leading Lady continue to arrive in my "mailbox" and on Facebook pages.  I am so proud that this play and performance that I love so much is bringing such joy and happiness to audience members.  Today I received a beautiful note from my friend, Evan, who saw the show last night.  It's particularly important to me when my theatre friends ... the ones who truly know and "get" theatre ... love the show.  I hope he doesn't mind if I repeat some of his message here.  Thanks, Evan!!

"I know a performance had an impact on me when I wake up the next morning thinking about it. The acting was just superb; the nuances and subtleties and (most important, to me) the great use of ensemble. They were having so much fun on stage working with each other that the audience couldn't help but come along for the ride. The sets, costumes, the props ... were all amazing.

Having only seen two of your plays (but experiencing one of them intimately), I think I sense a pattern. It's very obvious that you had a strong vision of the final product before the play ever started rehearsing. But it's also evident that the actors felt organically involved. They weren't just moving around on stage to blocking, performing lines from a script. They WERE those characters, living out those experiences right in front of our eyes. And we couldn't help but watch their every move ..."

OH ... and Parade auditions are this evening ... gulp!  But, I'm as ready as I'll EVER be!


  1. Well said, Evan. And I whole heartedly agree!

  2. Bravo, indeed. Your meticulous work ethic and clearly-articulated vision make it possible. Congratulations!