Friday, March 5, 2010

Children and Art

"Everything's right, this is the night -
Love hits you right where you're at 
'Cuz you've had a taste of
The sound that says love ...
Applause! Applause! Applause!"
Lee Adams

DAYS 144-147: I suppose it's like raising a child ... there comes a point when you have to "let go." The child has become an adult - someone bigger than the sum of his or her parts, someone who has developed a distinct personality that is beyond the direction, advice, and nurturing you have provided as a parent. It's bittersweet but, as a director "letting go" of his play as it begins its run, it's mostly sweet.

Two nights ago as I watched the final dress rehearsal without an audience, I experienced that magical moment of recognition when a show has moved well beyond my direction and has taken on a life of its own.  My work here ... is finished ... and I have little trouble with "giving" the show to the performers and the crew.  It belongs to them now ... as does all the enthusiastic applause that they will CERTAINLY receive during the three-week run.

Our Leading Lady has been a REMARKABLY easy play to design, rehearse, and put together.  It has been a conflict and crisis-free rehearsal period and all of the parts have come together smoothly with such a BEAUTIFUL result.  Even Production Week has HARDLY been the "Hell Week" that most directors, actors, and technicians dread.  The costumes are gorgeous, the set and lighting designs are clever, functional, and visually lovely, and the technical aspects of the show are fluid and efficient.  And the performances of the actors are JUST as strong, courageous, and loving ... With all modesty aside, it's a FABULOUS show and I am VERY PROUD of the final product.

I am EXTREMELY grateful to all the people (actors, designers, technicians, crew, theatre staff) who have made this experience one of the easiest and most fulfilling directing jobs I've ever had.  Have a FANTASTIC run, my friends, and you more than deserve all of that thunderous "sound that says love" that I know you will hear as the curtain comes down each night.

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