Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Orderly World

"Made of light I project
My orderly world.
Full of sounds I select
My orderly world.
From a grain on a beach
And the atoms within,
To the stars out of reach
That for me alone spin.
Ev'ry part of the whole,
Imagined or real:
Mine to chart, to control,
To choose to reveal."
David Spencer

DAY 155:  I keep extensive "To Do Lists."  My books, DVDs, and CDs are arranged alphabetically on my shelves.  Everything in its place and a place for everything ... filed, categorized.  Anal retentive?  Sure.  A bit obsessive compulsive?  In some things (just ignore the layer of dust on that shelf of books ...).

It's certainly not debilitating. In fact, it's a personal characteristic that I'm proud of and that many hold in rather high regard.  My world can be a bit controlled, but I feel comfortable that way.  It sometimes keeps me from being spontaneous or going "with the flow" when it's not in "the plan," but that's something I'm always working on and it's something that I find gets easier as I get older.  And it's often struck me that when I find that "someone" who will win my heart, I suspect it's going to be the person that can make my world a little more surprising, spontaneous, and ... gasp ... disorderly.

On the lighter side, it provides my friends, students, and co-workers a ready source of amusement - just slightly change the alignment or position of items on my desk and see how long it takes Lipp to realize it.  Chuckle, hee hee ...

So ... I'm grateful for my organizational ability.  It's hitting home today because tomorrow night are the auditions for my next directorial gig, the musical Parade.  We're expecting a HUGE turnout and I know it's only through my organization and planning that those auditions will run like clockwork.  It makes them feel FAR less daunting and scary ... so ... back to work!

PS  The phrase "anal retentive" does have a hyphen in it, but only when it's used as an adjective.

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  1. I love you. And your to-do lists. I do miss messing with your desk, though. I don't mind admitting that... ;-P