Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"White ... a blank page or canvas ..."
James Lapine

DAY 172:  Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing a performance of Yasmina Reza's brilliant play, ART.  I unfortunately missed the production when it was onstage at Players by-the-Sea Theatre (courtesy of Our Leading Lady).  It was interesting, however, to see the play performed at a local art museum given the subject and central device of the script.  The story concerns three metropolitan men who are best friends and the fireworks (and hidden issues) that erupt when one of them pays an ENORMOUS amount of money for an essentially WHITE painting.  It's a dazzling play, surprisingly translated from the French since it certainly doesn't sound like a translation and plays convincingly as an American piece.  Add to that some remarkable direction and outstanding acting ... a terrific night of theatre.

My friend and fellow playwright, David, and I discussed the play following the performance.  As writers, it's plays like this that SIMULTANEOUSLY make us want to give up writing (because we fear we'll never match it or write that well) AND inspire us to get working!!

I'm grateful for a delightful, exciting, hilarious, thought-provoking night of theatre!!  Thanks to the cast and crew of ART!

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