Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bicentennial Post

"Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me.
It sounds a bit bizarre,
But things the way they are,
I feel as if another life's begun for me.
And if I had a cannon I would fire it
To add a sort of celebration touch,
But since I left my cannon at home,
I'll simply have to say - 
Thank you very, very, very much!"
Leslie Bricusse

DAY 200:  The 200th post?  Can you believe it?  Who knew?  When I started this blog back in early October of last year, I had my doubts as to whether I could keep up with daily posting.  I've slipped and missed a day here and there (or pre-dated some posts to catch up ... OK, I confess ...), but I'm happy to report that I've been fairly consistent with my expressions of gratitude.  So what am I grateful for with this bicentennial post?  This one goes out to all the readers and my "followers" who've come to visit my blog, have wished me well, left comments (both here and on Facebook), and shared their experiences ... THANK YOU!!

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