Monday, April 12, 2010

No Place Like It

"Believe that you can go home.
Believe you can float on air,
Then click your heels three times.
If you believe,
Then you'll be there ..."
Charlie Smalls

DAY 185:  I didn't really click my heels three times, but I'm home.  It was a great weekend away in NYC ... I had a terrific time seeing some old friends and meeting a number of new ones (more on my friends in a later post).  The shows, on average, weren't as good as those I saw last year but, heck, it's still Broadway.  I love to travel, but I'm not really fond of living out of a suitcase.  So, even though it means heading back to work tomorrow, I'm grateful to be home.

I may have my issues with Jacksonville (and Florida and the South), but there's definitely something to be said for seeing GREEN, breathing fresh air, and interacting with polite, friendly Southern folk.  I knew I was back when the airport parking lot attendant asked me if I wanted "a cold drink" as I checked out.  The quiet at home is refreshing and calming ... the noise and frantic energy of the City can be thrilling, but it's nice to relax again.  Sleeping in MY bed without the persistent horns and sirens will be very welcome. 

And sleeping right next to my bed will be my puppy, Annabelle, who seemed AWFULLY happy to have me home, too.

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