Friday, May 14, 2010

Bosom Buddy

"Just turn your bosom buddy
For aid and affection,
For help and direction,
For loyalty, love and forsooth!

Remember that who else but a bosom buddy
Will sit down and level,
And give you the devil,
Will sit down and tell you the truth!"
Jerry Herman

DAYS 215-217:  About twenty years ago, I met my best friend, Martin, through another mutual friend.  We hit it off right away and have been "bosom buddies" ever since.  We couldn't be more alike - same dry, witty, cynical, sarcastic and biting sense of humor, same taste in movies and music, same (I hate to admit it ... or maybe I don't) intellectual elitism, same opinions on political and social matters, you name it ...  At least once a week, I'd be "hanging" with my good friend - strolling through a bookstore, groaning (and quietly criticizing) through a bad movie, getting some food, and sharing stories of the lovelorn.  Yes, we are both perpetually single as well ...

A number of years ago Martin moved away to Atlanta and now I unfortunately don't get to see him too often.  I've been up there once to see him, but he's down here more often, usually on holidays, to visit his parents and we get to "hang" again, just like we used to.  I look forward to his trips home so that we can grab a movie or dinner, just like old times.  He was home this week for Mother's Day, and for the past three nights we've been taking in movies (why I haven't had the time to blog) ... two of them awful, but even bad movies are fun and tolerable with Martin.  So, here's a load of gratitude for my best friend!!

PS ... I don't have a picture of Martin - like me, he doesn't care for pictures!

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