Sunday, May 9, 2010


"What do you give to the lady who has given
All her life and love to you?
What do you give to the reason you are livin'?
I could window shop the world
Before I'm through.

Mama, a rainbow.
Mama, a sunrise.
Mama, the moon to wear.
That's not good enough,
No, not good enough,
Not for Mama.

Mama, a palace,
Diamonds like door knobs,
Mountains of gold to spare.
That's not rich enough,
No, not rich enough,
Not for Mama.

Mama, a lifetime, crowded with laughter,
That's not long enough,
Not half long enough.

What can I give you
That I can give you?
What will your present be?
Mama, young and beautiful.
Always young and beautiful.
That's the Mama I'll always see...
That's for Mama with love from me ..."
Hal Hackady

DAY 212:  On this Mother's Day, the lyrics say it all ... thanks, Mom, for a lifetime of unconditional love, support, and friendship.

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