Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Old Country

"I hear a bird, a Londonderry bird,
It well may be he's bringing me a cheering word.
I hear a breeze, a River Shannon breeze,
It well may be it's followed me across the seas.
Then tell me please ..."
E.Y. Harburg

DAY 211:  It's been OVER THIRTY YEARS since I've been "home" to Ireland.  I have two pairs of aunts and uncles who have visited the States in the meantime, but I haven't been "across the pond" since high school.  First cousins who were infants the last time I saw them (and some who hadn't even been born yet!) are now grown adults, many with families of their own.

This summer, I'll be heading back to the Old Country - one of the most beautiful places on earth.  You would think that pictures you see of the Emerald Isle (like the one above) are retouched ... they're not.  That's what it looks like and it's often stunning in its splendor.  I'm grateful for the chance to revisit my mother's home country (she came over when she was a teenager) after so long a time.

I'll be travelling with my friends Carole, Gus, and Amy (and Amy's mother) for over a week in July a couple of days after my musical Parade opens and I CAN'T WAIT!!

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