Friday, June 25, 2010

All Set

"One moment life is slow ...
Fate shows up
And hands you a show
And hello!
You're going up!"
Lynn Ahrens

DAY 259:  Three weeks from tonight!!  It's getting close.  We took a big step this week and finally moved into the theatre after the closing of the previous show.  Thanks to the folks at the theatre, our massive 2-story set is already well underway.  The scene above is from the trial of Leo Frank ... a lengthy, complex sequence nearly 30 minutes in length and including more than a half-dozen songs in succession as characters share their testimonies.  The show's in particularly good shape this far out, though we do have a way to go before we are officialy "going up!"  It's been exciting but also a bit frustrating in the new space, adjusting, adding music, and all.

I'm also grateful for a lovely message I received on Facebook from one of my cast members after a particularly annoying rehearsal last night, someone with whom I've done MANY shows.  It was a REALLY welcome message after a slightly trying evening.

"I wanted to take a minute and step back and be serious and tell you how much I'm enjoying working with you on this show. You seem to approach the musical as a complete piece as opposed to a series of musical numbers loosely tied together by dialogue (maybe that's just the nature of this show...but I don't think so).

I like what you are doing, I like how you are doing it and I'm having a good time. I have been in musicals in the past where the acting wasn't even addressed until tech week. I know you have, too...because we were in one together.

Here's to a great show. Cheers."

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  1. So, it is now July 5th ... and no OGJ for 10 days! Get with it friend.