Thursday, June 24, 2010


"This life was a life
And not a thing more ..."
Michael Lipp

DAY 258:  I have finished a first draft of the lyrics to my first complete song for the original musical Aaron and I are writing!  The song is called "Forevermore" and just a couple of the lines are quoted above.  The song's title is a SLIGHT hint at the subject of the musical, but it's definitely not a giveaway.  The song also contains quite a few words that aren't EXACTLY mine (as will many other songs in the show) ... but I can't elaborate on THAT, or it WOULD give it away!

I'm meeting with Aaron tomorrow morning for our first real WORK session.  She's got some musical ideas to run by me, too ... this could be EXCITING!  I'm so grateful to be collaborating with such a talented musician and songwriter.

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