Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Square Pegs

"Strangers waiting,
Up and down the boulevard,
Their shadows searching in the night.
Streetlight people
Living just to find emotion,
Hiding somewhere in the night ..."

DAY 242:  When the pilot of Glee aired just over a year ago, I LOVED it.  My romance with the series has waned A LOT over the past year, but my gratitude for the show remains.  This story about the tribulations and triumphs of high school outcasts and misfits featured some of the most blisteringly jaw-dropping satirical humor I'd heard on TV in quite some time.  Interspersed with the hilariously non-PC barbs were BRIEF moments of totally unexpected and quiet sincerity and tenderness.

Particularly since the return of the show after a "mid-season hiatus," the show's focus and edge have been seriously dulled.  Now the show is less about the biting satire and it has become more a program of unabashed sentimentality.  Gone are those surprisingly soft and sensitive moments of heart, and the sharp humor has all but disappeared, too, hidden under layer upon layer of "warm fuzzy."

But this is a positive blog, so I'll come back to my point ... although I'm disappointed that Glee has lost what made it so wonderful for me in the beginning, I'm still grateful for what it has tried to do.  I appreciate its focus on the "square pegs" ... a role many of us experienced, especially in high school, and ESPECIALLY if you were one of "those" band and chorus kids who were never recognized by the popular cliques.  I'm also grateful for what I hope will be an increased appreciation for arts education and MAYBE even the perception by young people that singing and performing are "cool."

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