Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Friends Are For

"Keep smilin' ...
Keep shinin' ...
Knowin' you can always count on me
For sure.
That's what friends are for ..."
Carole Bayer Sager

DAY 246:  Tonight we had a surprise going-away party for my dear friend and co-worker, Chris (the tall guy in the picture above along with his other half, Joe).  Chris and I knew each other in passing for many years through school activities (Teacher of the Year, Magnet Program), common friends, and also through some theatre connections (though we never actually did a show together).  It was only when I returned to Douglas Anderson about six years ago that we reconnected as we became co-workers.

Despite the "obvious" thing we share in common, Chris and I are both math teachers, both have a love of musicals (though his taste sometimes departs a bit from mine ... Joe's even farther), and though his is quite a bit more fanatic, a love for Disney as well.  I always felt like I had a "kindred spirit" while eating lunch or partying with the Math Department, and I have to admit I'm afraid there's a part of me that will now feel a little lost and alone in the lunchroom.

Chris is moving to Boston, where his other half, Joe, recently got a job with the Boston Globe.  I admire his brave "new start" and (though I've never actually told him this) I have incredible respect and, to be honest, TREMENDOUS envy for the strength and love in his relationship ... a level of commitment that is very hard to find in "our community."

I'll miss his energy, positive attitude, and friendship ... but I know we'll stay connected over the web and I'm sure we'll be seeing him now and again.  I'm grateful to call him my friend.  And, who knows?  Maybe a trip to Boston will be called for in the future - to see him, Joe, and my other friend "Cutie," I mean Jenn.

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