Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Happiest Place

"I will live in Disneyland.
Make my home in Disneyland.
Maybe it's all fake, that's a chance I'll take -
It's perfectly ok.
Someone give me Disneyland.
Take me there to Disneyland!
And when I get to Disneyland ...
I'll stay!"
Howard Ashman

DAY 316:  Combine "the happiest place on Earth," the final weekend before the first day of classes, and ten WILDLY ENTERTAINING theatre friends and you get a BLAST of a day at EPCOT center.  I had a amazing time with my friends the Goulds, Lee, Josh T., Josh W., Miranda, Gary, Julia, and Shannon (and Shannon's friend, Nick).  I had actually considered NOT going and just relaxing at home for the weekend, but BOY am I grateful that I changed my mind.  I'm fairly certain it's the best "theme park day" I've ever had ... thanks, gang!!

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