Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traffic Control

"Red light,
Hot light,
Linda Clifford

DAY 321:  In the early days of Douglas Anderson, there were about 400 to 500 students.  Now the school bursts at the seams with about 1100 to 1200 students!  Since our students hail from all over this VERY large Duval County, many of our kids either drive themselves or are transported by parents to and from school. 

With a campus that's not much larger than one square block, the traffic before and after school can not only be frustrating, but often downright dangerous.  So ... you can imagine how thrilled and grateful I was to discover not just one but TWO police officers DIRECTING TRAFFIC on the "main drag" in front of the school after the final bell today!!  In the twenty-plus years I've worked at the school, this is a first ... and it's a WELCOME addition and I hope it will continue ...

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