Wednesday, August 11, 2010

See You in ... August?

"See you in September ...
See you when the summer's through ..."
Sid Wayne and Sherman Edwards

DAY 306:  So ... it's that time of year again.  After about eight weeks of summer vacation, it's back-to-school time.  While teachers don't OFFICIALLY start working until Monday, most of us head back the week before to start getting ready.  There is a week of "Pre-Planning" before the students come back, but that week is typically filled with meetings and inservices leaving VERY little time to do actual "planning."  I went back for the first time today and spent about five hours in my room (following a short Orientation duty this morning).  I managed to get all of my classroom furniture and supplies back in place, cleaned, and organized, along with reconnecting all of my computers and electric appliances.

I could moan about it ... already have, and I'm probably not finished ... HOWEVER there are three things for which I am definitely grateful.

First ... I don't know my official class schedule yet, but it APPEARS that I will be teaching the same subjects this year that I did last year.  Nothing new, nothing unexpected.  And, more than that, it APPEARS that my sections will be weighted more in the honors track rather than the standard track.

Second ... the basic subjects (Algebra I, Geometry, and my subject, Algebra II) have REAL LIVE BOOKS starting this year.  Granted they're class sets, and the students don't each get a book, but there's no more "touchy-feely," experiential, team discovery, playing with manipulatives math ...

Third ... I have NOTHING to complain about this past summer - it was a GREAT GREAT GREAT summer.  Parade was nothing short of a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience that I will NEVER forget and represented the best work I've ever done as a director.  Spelling Bee has a powerhouse cast and rehearsals are already forecasting another BIG hit.  And in between?  A week in one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. 

Grateful grateful grateful ... even though it's back to work!!

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