Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Old Dog

"Workin' for a livin', livin' and workin',
I'm taking what they're givin'
 'cause I'm working for a livin' ..."
Huey Lewis

DAY 309: I've been spending quite of bit of time at work this final week of my Summer Vacation, preparing for the new school year.  Teachers don't officially return until Monday (and the kids the following Monday), but there's a certain sense of renewal that happens when you find the quiet time before the craziness sets in to get your classroom back in order and start to think about the year to come. 

An AWFUL lot of reflection occurs at the beginning of a school year ... what worked last year, what didn't, what will you keep doing, what might you consider changing?  Plus, there's always some "NEW" thing coming down the pike at you to add to the confusion ... ANOTHER educational approach (with a typically nifty acronym) declaring you've been going at it all wrong all these years, and rarely does little other than result in additional paperwork. 

Now, I'll be the FIRST to admit I'm a crotchety old traditionalist in ALL senses of the word ... the "old ways" worked for us, and they've worked for decades.  BUT ... I'd like to think that this old dog can STILL learn new tricks, and I've actually started considering changing some of my long-standing ways.  We'll see ... I might surprise you ... heck, I might even surprise myself.  I'm grateful for the years of experience, but I'm always grateful for the chance to AT LEAST consider other ways of PERHAPS doing my job more effectively ... even after nearly thirty years.

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