Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love

"Hey, Groceries ...
Believe in love again."
Elizabeth Gilbert

DAY 337:  Today was my first full official day of freedom from ALL responsibilities ... I had NOTHING to do - no errands, no school work, no theatre.  It was MARVELOUS!  Late in the afternoon, I decided I should celebrate having the time to take myself out to dinner and a movie by TAKING MYSELF out to dinner and a movie!  After a healthy salad (so I could have popcorn later without guilt) at my favorite haunt, Jason's Deli, I looked at the movie offerings for the weekend.

I wasn't too excited about anything in the list ... I didn't want a mindless testosterone-induced action flick or a horror movie (though I do like both from time to time).  There were a couple of "chick flicks" in the list - a comedy, "Switch" ... eh ... and "Eat Pray Love," which I surprisingly had heard very little about.  I did know, vaguely, that it was about a married woman pulling up stakes and travelling around the globe to "find herself."  So, swallowing my dislike for all-things-Julia-Roberts, I gave it a go ...

Boy, am I incredibly grateful that I did ... I cried through nearly the entire movie.  It's been quite a long time since a movie has touched me personally and spiritually like this one did - "chick flick" or not.  Elizabeth Gilbert's story definitely resonated with me ... her dissatisfaction with her personal life, her inability to sustain a happy and loving relationship, her feeling that there's "something more" that she needs to find. 

I was fascinated by her quest - to find pleasure (through food, mostly ...) in Italy, then "God" in an ashram in India, then a healthy BALANCE of both in Cambodia.  I've ALWAYS been drawn to Eastern spirituality and religions ... heck, Siddhartha is one of my favorite books.  Through her travels, Liz discovers self-acceptance and most of all, self-forgiveness.  There were such amazing lessons in her story - I fully expect to see the movie again and the book has already been downloaded on my Nook!  For a person who has battled his own demons with unsuccessful relationships, love, loneliness, spirituality, self-loathing, and desertion, it really hit home.

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