Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happiness Indeed

"Life is pleasant,
Life is simple ...
I have everything I need -
Life is happiness indeed."
Stephen Sondheim

DAY 356:  Life is very good at the moment ... happiness indeed ... and I'm grateful. 

The weather is starting to cool and I've been able to open the windows wide at night and breath the fresh night air while sleeping.  And, boy, do I sleep ... the past two nights, I've slept like a rock - eight full uninterrupted hours each night! 

This morning I awoke to an extra $1500 in my bank account courtesy of an unexpected merit pay bonus that I had not even considered receiving this year.  As a result, my small credit card balance was paid off (with money left to spare) and I'm once again "debt-free." 

I have all of my lessons and school work planned and finished through the end of NEXT week - and that includes all of my grading and all handouts, tests, and quizzes for that time period (written AND copied)! 

For the past month and a half, I've been watching my diet - eating completely vegetarian and as much organic as my local Publix and neighborhood natural foods store will allow.  I also gave up diet (and regular, for the most part) sodas - the much tougher choice, but after a week or two, I was fine ...  So, I certainly feel much healthier, particularly since I'm no longer eating a lot of late-night post-rehearsal junk.

When the school day is finished, I can go home and RELAX for the rest of the evening.  I get in my jammies pretty early and do next to nothing for most of the night.  It's really quite wonderful NOT having to deal with any theatre projects for a change!  It's been a long time coming ... since January 2010 ...

So ... there are only two things missing - exercise and someone with whom to share this contented and happy life.  The first I can and WILL do something about, the second will happen when and if it happens.

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