Wednesday, September 22, 2010

History Got Sexypants

"A wise woman once wrote
That illness is not metaphor,
So why do I feel sick
When I look at you?
There is this illness in me
And I need to get it out ..."
Michael Friedman

DAY 348:  One of the things that excites me the most, and for which I'm particularly grateful, is the release of a new Off-Broadway or Broadway cast recording.  It's like Christmas when the CD arrives at my door, typically courtesy of Amazon.  Today, I received the recording of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  This is one that I've been waiting for ... when I was in New York last April, it had just hit the stage at the Public and was taking audiences by storm.  I wish I had been able to see it, but it's opening on Broadway in mid-October (after previews that began this week) ... so maybe, just maybe ... 

It sounds like the kind of wildly theatrical presentation that I love so much - a short anachronistic history of Andrew Jackson featuring, believe it or not, an emo-rock score!  The show's tag line ... "History just got all sexypants."  From the press release - "It asks the question, is wanting to have a beer with someone reason enough to elect him? What if he's really, really hot?"  Sounds like fun, huh?

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