Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nicest Kids in Town

"You'll never see them frown
'Cause they're the nicest kids in town."
Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman

DAY 334:  Well, we're almost through the third week of school and things are going VERY well this year!  My classes are large-ish (an average of just over 28), but certainly nothing I can't handle.  Now, I know it's only the third week and kids are typically on their best behavior until they start getting "comfortable," but I have to say I have some great kids this year.  I have had NO "issues" so far ... save one minor disagreement the first day, but that child has been nothing but polite and respectful since then.

Working in an arts magnet high school has its definite advantages.  One of those perks is the students themselves ... and I'm VERY grateful for that.  We absolutely have "the nicest kids in town."  For the most part, they are respectful, friendly, sensitive (though sometimes a bit too), tolerant, and caring.  They can also be overly-vocal, overly-dramatic, and quite unique, but NEVER (or rarely) mean or malicious.  They are often surprising in their individuality, humanity, and openness ... no surprise, however, for these tremendously talented, creative, and intelligent kids. 

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